Happy Birthday Warren Buffett - 14 Stunning Facts About His Wealth

Warren Buffett has been incredibly successful, and he's extremely wealthy. In fact, he's worth about $62.1 billion right now. But how much is $62.1 billion really, and how good is Buffett at investing? We've put together some facts that put his skill in perspective:

Ninety-nine percent of Buffett's wealth was earned after his 50th birthday.

When Buffett was 52, his net worth was about $376 million. Plus, he made about 94% of his wealth after turning 60. At 59, he was worth "only" $3.8 billion.

Talk about long-term investment strategies.



Berkshire's Book Value beat the S&P 500 in 43 out of 46 years on a five-year rolling-average basis.

This chart shows the five-year moving-average annual price returns for Berkshire's stock and the S&P 500 since Buffett's takeover. Since 1999, although Buffett has still tended to beat the market, it has been by a more modest amount than in the past.

Among legends, Buffett has the longest track record for beating the market.

This chart compares investors with the S&P 500 over time. Buffett's outperformance has lasted longer than that of other great investors.

Buffett's net worth of $62.3 billion is equal to the combined GDPs of Lebanon and Iceland.

Lebanon's 2014 GDP was an estimated $45.73 billion. Iceland's 2014 GDP was as estimated $17.04 billion.

Source: World Bank




In 2013, Buffett made on average $37 million per day — more than what Jennifer Lawrence made that year.

Luke MacGregor/Reuters

According to Forbes, Jennifer Lawrence was the second-highest-paid actress in 2013, and she is estimated to have made $34 million that year. Warren Buffett made $37 million per day in 2013.

Source: MarketWatch

You could pay a year's tuition for seven Columbia students with what Buffett made in an hour in 2013.

Columbia University was thesecond most expensive university in the US. Tuition and fees is about $53,523. Buffett made $1.5 million per hour in 2013.

Source: CNBC