A Giant, Undulating 3-D Billboard Will Debut In Times Square

Real New Yorkers will do anything they can to avoid the chaos of Times Square, but debuting in less than a week is a technological feat that might draw even the most Midtown-adverse out of their Uptown or Downtown havens. As CityRealty first reports, Radius Displays, a leading digital sign producer, has plans to introduce a massive 3-D video displayin the ad-drenched stretch this month. The billboard, which they are billing as “unlike anything else in Times Square, or indeed the world,” will not only span an impressive 2,600-square-feet but be made up of thousands of individual panels capable of creating mind-boggling Inception-like effects.

Image via Radius Displays

Radius has spent more than four years designing, engineering, and testing the robotic billboard which will employ high-tech LED modules able to move up to two feet per second. Together the panels will create an infinite number of 3-D display options further enhanced by the more than 1.5 million individual pixels incorporated into the design.

Image via Radius Displays

“This one-of-a-kind display will showcase the synergy between the dynamic content and moving panels,” says Radius Displays. “The robotic technology we’ve developed, and is now patented, will be a game changer for designers and creative teams; it provides enormous new possibilities for user engagement.”

Although there is no word on which company the display is being installed for, some suspect it could be Coca-Cola. CityRealty writes that the sign is rumored to go live August 8.