The Magpies are proud to announce their latest sponsor – Lisa Kobiolke at Compass!  Lisa is an NYC-based real estate agent who’s proud to have worked with several Magpies, including Scott McMaster, Brett Smiley, Glenn Ormbsy, Walt Lin, Shane Batty and James Polulach. Specializing in residential sales in Manhattan and Brooklyn, she has closed over $100 million in transactions in the last five years.

Lisa’s team has worked closely with our other new sponsor Dixon Projects who renovated properties bought through Lisa’s team so now through Magpies connections you can get everything you would ever need in the way of real estate.  Whether you (or someone you know) are buying, selling or looking for a referral to an agent in another area, Lisa is able to help with all your real estate needs.  Lisa will get you the best possible deal whether you are buying or selling and all referrals from the Magpies to Lisa will also benefit the club!

Lisa can be contacted at







Lisa Kobiolke initially got her real estate license in 2005, but decided to pursue a career as an appraiser, which gave her a more logical understanding of property. Because sales and customer service have always been what she loves most, Lisa joined Compass as an agent once again to help ease clients through one of the most important steps in their life - buying, selling or renting a home. 

Lisa is truly at her best when she is helping other people. That has been the consistent theme throughout her professional career, even while working in the beauty, health and fitness industries. Lisa previously enjoyed prominent roles as a beauty professional (as a national makeup artist and trainer for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics), as a certified yoga instructor (and proprietor of her own company, NYC Yoga Party), and as a certified health coach who helped people make healthier choices to look and feel better. Her passion for real estate always drew her in, however. 

Right before joining Compass, Lisa was a leasing agent at the largest property west of Mississippi, leasing over 200 apartments during her one year stint in San Francisco. 

A Manhattan resident since 1999, Lisa has resided in the East Village, in Brooklyn, UWS, and in Gramercy. Lisa's real estate and business experience have shaped her into a fierce negotiator and staunch advocate for her clients. Within minutes of meeting her, you'll feel confident knowing she'll do whatever it takes to get the job done well for you, in the least amount of time. When not busy helping clients and discovering new fun things to do in NYC, Lisa's favorite pastimes include yoga, cooking and being social.