MTA Might Increase Subway Fare To $3.00 In 2017

Swiping a MetroCard at a subway turnstile could cost an extra 25 cents in March, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced Wednesday. The MTA finance chairman has suggested to raise on fares on subways, buses and commuter rails, and tolls on bridges and tunnels, to help curb increasing debt. The proposed change would go into effect in March 2017. 

Two proposals for the subway and bus fare increase have been drafted by the MTA. The first would raise fares for subways and buses to $3 from $2.75, which would increase the MetroCard purchase bonus to 16 percent from 11 percent. The second would keep the current $2.75 fare, but drop the bonus to 5 percent.

Under both proposals, the price of a weekly MetroCard card would rise to $32 from $31, and a monthly card would increase to $121 from $116.50. Likewise, tolls on tunnels and bridges, and tickets for commuter rail lines, would increase by four percent.

The board is expect to vote on the hike in January 2017.