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2016’s Top Real Estate Stories

Catch up on the most popular stories of the year. 


1.When a Dream House Becomes a Money Pit

A couple who thought they found the perfect home realized the dream was elusive after they moved in.

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2.So Your Think Your Place Is Small?

Jack Leahy, 25, a musician, lives in a crawl space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. His rent? $450 a month.

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3.A Tiny Home by Choice in New York City

Some care far more about location than home size. For them, a dollhouse in the desired neighborhood will do.

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4.Tiny Home Test Drive

A night in one of New York City’s new micro apartments.

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5.The Art of Home Staging

The practice of home staging has long elicited strong reactions. But as staging has evolved, more real estate professionals stress its importance.

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6.Fictional New York City Apartments Get Real

The homes of young New Yorkers on TV are getting grimmer these days.

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7.Tamron Hall, of the ‘Today’ Show, Feathers Her Nest

Tamron Hall, a host of the “Today” show, an MSNBC news show and “Deadline: Crime With Tamron Hall,” lives in downtown Manhattan.

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8.New York’s Next Hot Neighborhoods

Some buyers seeking real estate deals in New York go prospecting in neighborhoods that don’t suffer from packed open houses. Yet.

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9.A New Dimension in Home Buying: Virtual Reality

The technology is expected to transform the real estate industry, and, many say, make house-hunting more efficient.

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10.Bidding Wars in the Suburbs

High prices in New York City are driving up demand in certain nearby towns.

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