A Trip In The “First Apartment In The Sky” Will Cost You $32,000

Why book a first class seat when you can book a first class suite?

That’s the thinking behind Etihad Airways’ latest venture, which has just set off into the skies for the first time on wings of gold and oil. A new section of their superjumbo planes is called the First Apartment and consists of a series of suites. Etihad is claiming this is “the world’s most luxurious living space in the air.” No surprises here, but Etihad Airways comes from Abu Dhabi. 

“The Residence” is the most luxurious of all the suites, and was designed for two people. It has three separate rooms — a living room with a dining table and a 32-inch flatscreen TV; a bedroom with Egyptian cotton sheets; and a bathroom with a shower. It’s enough space to accommodate a lover’s quarrel (and an even more glorious make up).

According to their marketing video, you also get to eat on Bernaudaud china and drink cognac from Vera Wang glassware.

You will also have access to a butler who trained at the Savoy and will bring you breakfast-in-bed, and a chef who will make you anything your rich, little heart desires. The price for all this? A one-way ticket between New York and Abu Dhabi will cost you$32,000 for two people.