Johnny Depp Re-Listed His Village In France For $55M Up From $26M

Most people, when their property doesn’t sell, lower the asking price. But then again, most people aren’t Johnny Depp. The movie star, who is currently going through a highly contentious and publicized divorce with Amber Heard, has just re-listed a village he owns in the south of France for $55 million — more than twice its original asking price of $26 million.

What prompted this change? Quite simply, “Mr. Depp feels that €50 million is the appropriate price for this asset,” one of his new brokers, Rick Hilton of Hilton & Hyland, told the Wall Street Journal. He claims that several billionaires are interested in the property.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Sotheby’s International France, which was originally listing the property, said its original price was already “ambitious” because it is “rustic” and 17 miles away from St. Tropez.

Depp bought the property in 2001 and spent $10 million on renovations that include turning a church into a guesthouse (a confessional is now a closet). There is also a 4,300-square-foot main house with five bedrooms, an art studio, a “Pirates of the Caribbean”-themed wine cave, a covered wagon that has a kitchen and bathroom, two swimming pools, a gym and a skate park.

Depp is also rumored to have recently sold off his palazzo in Venice, though the Times said that he never officially closed on the property. He also auctioned off nine of his Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings at an auction at Christie’s at the end of June.