These NYC Apartments Come With Private Pools

Earlier this week we provided you with a sumptuous collection of beach-front properties you could escape to (or dream about escaping to) when the oh-so-foreboding “heat dome” became too much.

But what if you want to stay a little closer to home, and ride out this sweaty inferno in the city?

Here, for your perusal, are some of the city’s best private pools on the market right now:

232 West 15th Street #H1

Address 232 West 15th Street #H1
Price $11,495,000
Type/Size Townhouse: six bedrooms and seven bathrooms
At this Chelsea townhouse the pool takes up almost an entire floor. To be a little more precise, it’s 30-feet long and 8-feet deep and it has a two-story waterfall. Unsurprisingly, the rest of the house is pretty nice too.

60 Riverside Boulevard #2101

Address 60 Riverside Boulevard #2101
Price $17,900,000
Type/Size Condo: six bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms
While this pool might not be as glamorous as the one above, it is outside, which means that from this 21st floor terrace you can swim while you’re enjoying some pretty fantastic views.

2 North Moore Street

Address 2 North Moore Street
Price $39,500,000
Type/Size Townhouse: six bedrooms and seven bathrooms
When we toured 2 North Moore Street recently, we just knew this top floor lap pool was something special. Is there anything better than enjoying the sunshine… from inside?

18 Gramercy Park South #Ph

Address 18 Gramercy Park South #Ph
Price $47,500,000
Type/Size Condo: four bedrooms and five bathrooms
Does size really matter when you’ve got views like this? We say no. This cozy pool lives on the 18th floor and looks out at the Chrysler Building.

50 United Nations Plaza Dph4243

Address 50 United Nations Plaza Dph4243
Price $70,000,000
Type/Size Condo: four bedrooms and six-and-a-half bathrooms
When you’re dropping $70 million on a home, it better come with a pool. In this case it comes with a 30-foot infinity pool, although on the 43rd floor we wouldn’t swim too close to the edge.