Miami Takes The Reigns From New York As America's Rudest City

New Yorkers aren't the angriest urbanites in America anymore.

Miami has taken over as the rudest city in America in a survey conducted by Travel + Leisure, Time Inc.’ s travel magazine.

New York fell to the No. 3 spot. It may have shed its frosty image due to a mild winter that kept locals more cheerful toward tourists, Travel + Leisure reasoned.  

Miami-based travel blogger, Christine Austin, said Miami may have reached its breaking point this winter when tourists crowded beaches and streets. “It feels like you're being stretched to the seams," said Austin. "It’s a lot to handle in a short period of time, and for people who live here, just going to the grocery store is frustrating [because of the traffic].” 

New York City has experienced a steady increase in tourism for more than a decade, with a record 58.3 million visitors last year. While New Yorkers often curse at the crowds concentrated in Times Square, most neighborhoods are not overburdened by outsiders. 

According to Austin, the other factor working against Miami could be how tourists perceive the city.

“People may feel that the locals are always happy, laid-back and relaxed, because they perceive Miami as a fun, beachy, relaxing place to vacation," Austin said. "They are disappointed, [when they realize] we're out there trying to buy groceries and go to work like any regular Joe.”