Best Countries To Live In If You’re Super Rich

Even the super rich are feeling a bit down on America right now. So for anyone with a spare million or billion dollars who is looking for an escape route, the folks at Lotto Land have put together this handy-dandy infographic that shows the best places to live for the super rich.

The typical contenders are all there: Saudi Arabia, Australia and Norway all take top slots. But there are also few surprises thrown in like Bahrain, Canada, Brunei and even the United States in a few categories (we’re number 10 for purchasing power, wahoo?). Scandinavia swept the rug in the Better Life category, while the Middle East took most of the slots in the best tax rates for the rich bracket.

Overall, the best country for the super rich to live in is Australia, followed by Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, Brunei, Bahrain and Germany. See below for all of the rankings.