SoHo 'Gallery' Showcases Adoptable Cats And Dogs


“Take me to your tiny home” reads a sign hanging above a rather luxurious-looking cat-lounge. “I leap tall buildings in a single bound,” adorns a topmost cubby, garnished with a black and white cat. 

If you want to kick it with some Instagram-worthy cuties this weekend, go no further than Manhattan's new Pet Adoption Center that opened on Tuesday at 307 West Broadway. 

The state-of-the art facility showcases adoptable animals from nine local and regional organizations, including the Animal Cares Centers of NYC (ACC) “in a gallery style setting.” They get the full-treatment until they get new homes.

It also has a 24-hour nursery devoted entirely to bottle-feeding the most vulnerable of the homeless pet population and a neo-natal unit designed for newborns rejected by their mothers—very common during the summer, “kitten season.”

The Pet Adoption Center, led by the Best Friends Animal Society and a coalition of nearly 1,800 animal activist organizations, is committed to a furthering a “no-kill” philosophy and was established to raise awareness of the nearly 5,500 dogs and cats in the U.S. sent to permanent slumber every day.

It's a "mission control center" to educate visitors and spread the word about implementing a national policy for a 90 percent save-rate by 2025. The current national average is 69 percent.

“New York has done an incredible job and been on the verge of being a no kill city,” said Elizabeth Jensen, executive director of Best Friends Animal Society. “In 2004, New York had a less than 50 percent save rate, and finished 2016 with a save rate of 89 percent which is incredible.”

The Pet Adoption Center is open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.