68 Square Foot Apartment Asking $950/mo. On The UWS

Screen_Shot_2018_02_06_at_3.09.29_PM.0 (2).png

An Upper West Side unit listed today with CitiHabitats, takes the concept of “micro-living” to a whole new level; according to the listing description, the "space" is a mere 68 square feet—and is asking $950/month.

To the broker’s credit, he comes right out and says the apartment is minuscule; “it’s probably the smallest apartment in Manhattan,” says the listing description, but “it’s also probably the least expensive.” (A quick search confirms this.)

It has a loft bed that can only accommodate a twin mattress, a fridge, and a stove (which appears to be oddly normal-sized, all things considered). As you might expect, it’s not especially pleasant—especially when you factor in the fact that “you share the bath on the 5th floor hallway with four other apartments, and the tenants clean it on a schedule.” (Yikes.)