The Monthly Update - July 2019

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Showcasing Your Listing in a Saturated Buyer’s Market

As inventory continues to flood the New York City market, how do you make your property stand out from the crowd? We’ve heard plenty about pricing strategies, and of course, pricing is incredibly important. In fact, it’s probably the No. 1 tool for getting your property sold quickly and for the most money. But it’s by no means the only weapon in the arsenal!

There is a whole host of other tactics you can leverage to make sure your listing wows potential buyers and rises above the fray. How old are your appliances? When was the last time you updated the doors or your kitchen cabinets? Do your floors need a good polish or refinishing? How about finally ridding yourself of all the excess stuff you’ve been accumulating over the 3, 5 or 10 years you’ve owned your home? What about getting rid of your furniture and either purchasing or renting new “millennial-approved” furnishings instead? Each of these strategies can go a long way in setting your property apart from the hundreds of like-kind listings you’re competing with. But how do you pay for all this? What if your money is tied up in your property’s equity or in purchasing a new home concurrently? 

Here Comes Compass Concierge to the Rescue! 

Compass is the only real estate firm that will pay for all of your renovation costs, staging costs and pretty much every “getting the property ready for market” cost. Let us come in and assess what needs to be done to maximize your return on investment. We’ll advise on what needs to be replaced, what needs to be updated, what needs to be cleaned, or what needs to be taken out and stored. All of the above is fair game when it comes to getting your property ready for market with Compass Concierge. And Compass will pay all of the fees with absolutely no hidden costs, no additional fees and no interest! 

With Compass Concierge, Compass pays the approved vendors you select, and you’re in charge of the process from start to finish. Or let The Hoffman Team know if you’d prefer us to oversee the work. Either way, once the improvements are made, and the property is on the market, it’s sure to make a splash! Enjoy multiple bids, choose the buyer who best fits your closing schedule and price, and once the property closes, take the money out of the equity to pay Compass back and keep the rest. It’s that simple.

There really are very few limits when it comes to this program, and we’d love to talk to you more about how Compass Concierge can help with your specific needs. We’re all about helping you move on to your next step without being burdened by upfront costs. Call us today to get started!

The key to a seamless sale?

Compass Concierge!

Exclusive to our clients, Compass Concierge helps you sell your home faster and for more money by covering the cost of services to prepare your home for market. From staging to home improvements and more, with no hidden fees or interest charged, ever.

Curious how Compass Concierge will transform your sale? Learn more by contacting us.

Local Events

Independence Day Fireworks | July 4th

Celebrate July 4th with a glorious display of fireworks! The annual Macy's 4th of July Fireworks spectacle takes place on the Brooklyn Bridge and can be seen from various places throughout the city. Check out this interactive map for more information on where to witness the beautiful scene. 

Restaurant Week | July 22 - August 16

NYC Restaurant Week is a celebration of the city's most fabulous pastime: dining out. With hundreds of restaurants throughout NYC rolling out special prix-fixe menus for a limited time, this is your chance to enjoy multi-cou rse meals at a fraction of the cost. Click here for more information. 

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