Monthly Update - January 2017

Happy New Year!

The election dust has settled, the holidays have passed and a new year has begun. We bid adieu to our current president, and shortly, will inaugurate a new one. But before we plunge headlong into the rest of 2017 — sure to be an interesting year — let's pause and take a look back at the end of 2016.

Compass recently released its Q4 2016 Manhattan Market Report, and the results show a marketplace in flux and influenced by real-world events, namely the election and the Fed's long-expected decision to raise interest rates. Some key findings from the report include:

  • Overall, closings were down year-over-year, but much of that slowdown might be attributable to a collective holding of breath before the election. Compass data finds that there were 24 percent more contracts signed in the four weeks after the election (837) than in the four weeks before the election (677).
  • Inventory, especially in the condo market, continues to be out of pace with current consumer demand with units priced above $3 million comprising 29 percent of total inventory, but only 15 percent of signed contracts.
  • Asking and closing prices continued to trend up at a significant pace, meaning that while total annual closing numbers were down from 2015, total sales volume was down a mere 3 percent for 2016 ($24.4 billion) compared to 2015 ($25.2 billion).

While post-election activity ended the year on the upswing, the potential impact of the new administration leaves us with more questions than answers, making it more important than ever to make smart, informed real estate choices in the coming months.

For more information, download the full report and for instant access to real-time market data any time of year, download the Compass Markets for iOS app.

Stay Tuned, Coming January 17th....

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