The Monthly Update - November 2017

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How we can help you outside of NYC: A Note About Referrals

I would like to take time this month to switch up our typical Monthly Update. Instead, let's talk about the power of our referral partnerships.

Need advice on a tricky transaction or know someone moving to Boise, Idaho? Call us! We’ve referred quality agents from downtown San Francisco to Madrid, Spain, and everywhere in between.  All over the globe, we’ve built relationships with brokerage companies and agents who assist our clients, whether they are buying, selling, renting or investing. And, we have a 100 percent success rate in our referrals.

Buyers have found their dream homes and vacation properties all over the world, and sellers have found the best of the best in their specific locale using our professional referral system.  Need a summer rental in the Hamptons, or perhaps Bali? Call us. We will help. And with Compass’ goal of 20 new cities by 2020, our national reach will be even greater and stronger over the coming years.


To our out-of towners:  No price point is too small (or too big) for us to help you or your friends. You might think we are big, scary Manhattan brokers who won’t want to help but we do and we can! Our successes are found in the smallest towns and the biggest cities, so use us for all your real estate needs, whether close to home or far, far away.

- A Quick Ditty about the Market -

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More and more, we are in a real estate market in transition. I’ve seen other brokers' updates declaring that our city’s market is officially a buyers' market now, and it’s tough to argue against it. There are always exceptions or glimmers of hope to every market. A bidding war here or a property there going into contract in 10 days, but overall, it’s a tougher landscape than in recent years.

Price used to be the ultimate marketing tool and barometer for whether you were going to sell quickly or not. But today, even if you follow all the clues from past sales and comps, and release the property exactly where all the numbers suggest you should, the market (and buyers) might still resist making an offer or even calling to see to the property. It’s been extremely frustrating for sellers, and even some buyers seem surprised at the uncertain energy that is permeating the market right now.

My advice? Stay the course. Pay attention to the numbers and be patient. There are still a lot of positive outcomes for properties marketed, priced and positioned properly.