The Monthly Update - May 2017

Which markets are better for real estate sales? Historically, spring markets have always the been the stronger market. That being said, over the past three years, I have personally noticed a larger lag between the markets than we are normally accustomed to. In 2014, the spring was strong, and fall, while a bit slower, maneuvered itself and built up to record-smashing Spring 2015.

That hot Spring of 2015 fell flat by August and never recovered after Labor Day. Fall 2015 failed to live up to brokers’ predictions and the lofty sellers’ prices that had spiked earlier that year. And while that downtrend creeped only to the end of 2015 (especially in the luxury markets) and moved its way into 2016, which was a low point for many price-points, late Spring 2016 showed us the most promise of that year.

Fall 2016 was very difficult for many price-points, and now in 2017 after contentious election, a record-setting Wall Street surge and interests rates that are defying normal logic and staying incredibly low, we are seeing many price-points come roaring back. Bidding wars are now common again. Buyers’ interests in the market is white hot. The only segment  left out in our 2017 strong spring market  is the luxury sector. Having a few good weeks early in 2017, it is still highly competitive for sellers with lots of luxury market new development and resale to compete with. And there is more yet is still to arrive.

Price is king in the sector. That said, sellers seem to be holding out and for as much as they can. The average days on market for three-bedroom condos on the Upper West Side, according to, is 293 days. But overall, the Hoffman team is seeing record numbers and a strong bounce back so far in Spring 2017. What remains for the rest of this year is completely unpredictable. History would say it could be slow …  and yet, IF the Trump tax plan passes, or is even perceived to have a good chance of passing, that could rev up the markets again for another huge push this fall. That lag might be over.

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