The Monthly Update - October 2018

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Dear Reader, 

Sorry for the delay in the monthly update, I was waiting for the Q3 data to arrive. After reading and re-reading Compass Q3 report, Bloomberg's, The New York Times, StreetEasy and Miller Samuel by Johnathan Miller. Rather than giving you a long drawn out explanation of the current state of the Manhattan markets, I'll just sum it up in two easy-to-read charts by Bloomberg (below) entitled, "More Pain for Sellers and More Choices for Buyers.


  • Compass has now officially opened in Austin! Press

  • We are excited to announce the latest $400M funding round and plans for international expansion! Press

  • Starting this month Compass has partnered with WAZE, Compass pins will pop up on the Waze Map, indicating listings equipped with our groundbreaking reimagined real estate sign. Press

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