Monthly Update - May 2018

It’s Easy, Right?

Then why do so many sellers get it wrong?

I’m talking about preparing a home for sale, of course. And here is a definitive how-to guide to getting your property ready to fetch top dollar.

Buyers are attracted to clean, renovated, furnished apartments — who knew?! And that’s it. Not that hard. Just three little things.


Cleaning: This includes not only scrubbing from top to bottom but also a thorough decluttering. Arrange to have the windows washed, inside and out, to really let your place shine. Yes, you’ll have to make your bed and pick up your dirty clothes off the floor for the duration the home is on the market. You’ll also have to keep the place dust-free and vacuumed with no overpowering odors. Purchasing a home is said to be 80 percent emotional and 20 percent logical. As the seller, the more you draw on the emotions of your buyer by letting them envision your home as their home, the higher price they’ll pay. So, get the property cleaned. Easy to do. It’s cheap and the payday potential is huge!


Renovating: This step can be time-consuming and wallet-draining, and often it can be challenging to recoup those dollars. The key is investing just enough money to make your home appealing without spending unnecessarily. Start with a paint job. This can be done relatively inexpensively and will give your home a surprisingly fresh new look. Pick colors with universal appeal — eggshell white is one of my favorites. Next, go through the home and pick smaller items to replace that will give the property an updated look and feel. Make sure all light fixtures are new and working properly. Kitchen cabinets and drawer handles are easy to replace and can take a kitchen from dated to contemporary in no time. An appliance update is a good idea, but don’t feel obligated to purchase top-of-the-line brands, such as Sub-Zero or Miele. There are plenty of other brands that are half the price and just as nice. In the bathroom, a new vanity or medicine cabinet, or even a new toilet seat, can give the space a fresh new look.

Furnishings: This aspect is often overlooked, but that beat-up old couch of yours might be comfy, but it’s not helping your sale at all. Buying inexpensive, modern furniture is the finishing touch to your property’s final preparation and look. There are also many furniture rental companies that will bring in contemporary, chic furniture just for the duration the home is on the market.

All of this is common sense, but might seem overwhelming. Bottomline: Take the advice of your real estate sales agent. He or she is there to help you sell at the highest and best sale price.

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